Cupcake eating contest is 1 highlight of Cold Spring’s Hometown Pride celebration

COLD SPRING — After winning the junior division of the cupcake eating contest Saturday, 15-year-old Ricky Rose swore off the iced pastries for good.

“I’m never going to eat a cupcake again,” Rose said.

Rose ate a dozen chocolate cupcakes in about four minutes. Kyle Schlangen, who ate 10 cupcakes, told his friend they lost their appeal “because you swallowed them. I chewed mine.”

“I tried to pace myself. It was hard,” Schlangen said. “The frosting got harder (to swallow) after a while.”

Sponsored by the Cold Spring Bakery, the event made its debut Saturday as part of the city’s annual Hometown Pride festival. A perk from stuffing your face with cupcakes and washing them down with water was that contestants got to keep the leftover cupcakes.

Lynn Schurman, co-owner of the Cold Spring Bakery, said they baked 30 dozen cupcakes for the event in anticipation of about 15 contestants in each round.

“It went over very well,” Schurman said. “We learned some things. (Next year), we might have the junior division eat six cupcakes.”

The idea for the contest was suggested by the festival committee and some even thought about a doughnut-eating contest, she said.

“I thought it would be better if we had cupcakes because then you have the frosting effect,” she said.

The frosting effect was in full evidence on the faces and shirts of contestants.

Luis Valles won the senior division of the contest, eating a dozen cupcakes in 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

Winners received a $100 gift certificate to Cold Spring Bakery and a T-shirt.

From food, games, live music, sidewalk and craft sales, festivalgoers had plenty to choose from for fun.

Friends Molly Broers and Arliss Thielen staffed a table of hemp bracelets that Broers made by hand.

Veterans of the annual festival, this was their first time as vendors.

They both enjoy coming to the event.

For Broers, it’s about observing the different events.

“I like the turtle races,” Broers said. “The children are so cute.”

Thielen likes to mingle.

“I like walking around and seeing the different tables (and) talking to people” Thielen said.

Lois Rieffer also likes to walk around the event, but her favorite is the pet show. Rieffer and members of her Girl Scouts Cadet Troop 785 provided a carnival feel with ring toss, a duck pond and bean bag toss.

“I enjoy the social aspect,” Rieffer said of the festival. “They’ve integrated a lot of new events. It’s fun to keep an eye on all of them.”

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