Newlywed Kevin Jonas takes married life on the road

By Korina Lopez, USA TODAY

Kevin and Danielle Jonas got married in December, but the honeymoon’s not over yet. Although the Jonas Brothers are busy promoting their upcoming Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (Sept. 3), and just kicked off their 2010 tour, that hasn’t kept the couple apart. They’ve got their own tour bus, with all the amenities: DVD player, kitchenette, bedroom. It even expands so there’s room for their new puppy, Riley, a 9-month-old Yorkie-Maltese mix. As rain pelts the bus and the ridiculously adorable Riley busies herself with a squeaky toy, USA TODAY catches up with the newlyweds before the band’s recent Bristow, Va., concert.Extended honeymoon: “I’ve been on so many buses and trains and planes, it’s really nice to have our own space,” says Kevin, 22. They’re just five cities into the tour, so no one’s suffering from cabin fever quite yet. The perk of being on the road: “I get to be with him all the time,” says Danielle, 23, a former hairstylist. While the guys rehearse, “the caterer has been teaching me new dishes.”

“She’s a great cook,” Kevin enthuses. “She makes the best chicken parm.”

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