August 18th: A day to honor cupcakes?

St. Louis (KSDK) — Plenty of people will agree any day is a good day to celebrate the cupcake.  After all, it was revolutionary back in the day because of the time it saved in the kitchen.

// These days the cupcake is more popular than ever.  So much so that there’s confusion over what day is actually National Cupcake Day.

According to American Food Holidays December 15th is the day to behold the cupcake, however October 18th is also marked as a special day for the small cakes.  It’s the day the chocolate cupcake takes the, well cake.

But if you look on, a website that shows you there’s a day for just about everything, says today is the day of the cupcake.  So in honor of that, Heidi Glaus was live in the kitchen at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe with Casey Shiller to learn a thing or two.  You can watch it all in the video to the right.

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