Delish Cupcakes: Business born from passion

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 7:00a.m.

By Lyn Potter

I’m typical JAFA foodie, always craving something new. So when I heard that Delish Cupcakes Store had opened last week I headed down there as soon as I could to drink an Atomic coffee and buy one of their cupcakes. I have to say it not only looked gorgeous (like edible art) but tasted seriously good. I couldn’t resist tucking a couple more into my handbag on my way out for later.

If you go to Delish you’ll be spoiled for choice, but I was told you can’t be sure of the exact cupcake menu as it changes from day to day. It could include choc orange, choc mint, ginger, chai raspberry, red velvet, vanilla stuffed with lemon curd and topped with raspberry buttercream, caramel, or banana choc made with All Good bananas, and topped with cream cheese.

For passionate Aucklanders there’s the JAFA: A double chocolate cupcake with so much orange choc chip icing that you could easily mistake it for a scoop of ice-cream. Tucked into the icing there will often be a handmade chocolate spoon but on the day I called it was a chocolate fish, even better!

For the 2 chefs, Colleen and Kathryn, having their own place is a dream come true and customers can come in and see the cupcakes before they choose. Or you can ask them to courier some cupcakes  which they’re happy to do all over Auckland for special occasions such as weddings, kid’s parties, hen’s nights, baby showers, work functions, or afternoon teas.

So how did Delish come about? Eighteen months ago Colleen was working full time in the insurance industry, which didn’t really light her creative fire. She had always dabbled in arty crafty things and had a yen to apply these skills to making and decorating cupcakes.

Meanwhile Kathryn, who had spent most of her working career as an IT geek, was a full time working Mum-of-one with an obsessive cupcake baking habit. She was spending a ridiculous amount of her time thinking about them

The two of them – who had been friends for a decade – decided to pool their talents and start a cupcake business. They knew they were taking a risk starting their business at a time of economic recession.

Even they are somewhat surprised at just how well they have succeeded. Within the space of 18 months they have managed to grow a successful business, and fulfill their dream of setting up their own cupcake store.

Lately there have been quite a few food businesses which are struggling for survival, so it’s interesting to figure out the reasons for their success.

Here’s how the Delish girls got this far:

1. Hard work was a big part of it. From the beginning both worked full time at their day jobs and then headed off to their commercial kitchen at 6 pm to create their next day’s orders.

2. Keep overheads low. When they started out the girls leased a commercial kitchen and sold direct at markets.

3. Use social media to get the word out. Delish uses Facebook, Twitter, and a website with great pics and quirky descriptions.

4. Have a quality product that people want to buy more than once.

5. Make it convenient. Part of the charm of this business is the home delivery aspect. Kathryn’s Mum does her share driving cupcakes around town.

Although they have only been up and running for a short while, right from the start the Delish chefs have shown they have big hearts and have made a substantial contribution to all sorts of charities. For instance, each month they are part of a group of keen bakers who donate baking to the North Shore Hospice

This year they’re again contributing to the SPCA Cupcake Day on August 30th. They’ll be creating their puppy, kitten, paw print and bone cupcakes, and have them available on that day. All the proceeds from these will go to the SPCA.

I‘ll be happy to settle for the puppies and kittens, which will be light fluffy cupcakes with a hint of cocoa topped with malt icing (Yum!).

So if you want to support the SPCA and don’t feel like baking cupcakes yourself, indulge your family and friends with some animal cupcakes from Delish. Before eating them, enter the SPCA Extreme cupcake challenge, and do something outrageous. Take a cupcake on the Sky Jump from Sky Tower perhaps?! Its only 192 metres straight down!

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