“Operation Cupcake” agents hack al-Qaeda website, leave recipe behind

Gun Cupcakes

Gun Cupcakes

Security breaches and hacking attacks have been a hot topic lately, with everyone from major electronics companies to password managers falling victim to insidious web attacks. Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that was headed by Osama bin Laden, is now the latest victim. And the attack didn’t come from bored computer gurus, it came from British antiterrorism agents.

The internet sleuths from the MI6 British intelligence agency hacked in to an al-Qaeda web hub designed to spread information and recruit others to the organization. There they found a detailed 67-page “magazine” which included articles on things like how to make a homemade bomb. The agents, determined to keep the guide from spreading further, removed any trace of the document from the website’s host. But before they logged off, the officers decided to put a recipe for “The Best Cupcakes in America” in the magazine’s place. Insurgents attempting to learn how to blow things up were instead greeted instructions on how to make a tasty treat.

This action prompted a bit of a cat-and-mouse game between intelligence agents and the terrorists attempting to spread information. New websites have since popped up, and agents have been shutting them down and deleting the contents as quickly as possible, though it hasn’t been noted whether any other tasty American cuisine has made an appearance since the original attack.

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