Woodstock woman wins national cupcake contest

Woodstock, Conn. —

Lisa Schrader said it’s impossible for her children to take a bubble bath without leaving a sudsy, soaked bathroom behind.

But now that her “Bubble Trouble” cupcake — inspired by her son, Matthew, 8, in the tub — has won $10,000 in a national competition, she’ll be looking at future soggy scenes a little differently.

“I’m almost grateful now that they make a mess when they take a bubble bath,” she laughed.

Schrader beat out more than 3,000 entries and received thousands of online votes to win the Jelly Belly $10,000 Cupcake Challenge.

Schrader said she was pretty sure she had won last week, when she received notice from Jelly Belly that she was a “potential winner” of the competition and was asked to fill out tax forms.

“I said, ‘either they sent this to (all of the five finalists), or, I think I won,’ ” Schrader said.

The end of the statement set off a string of screaming, jumping up and down and dancing from the family, which includes her husband, Ron, and six children, ranging from 9 months to 18 years old.

Schrader said it was hard to keep the good news quiet for those few days until she knew for sure. The announcement was made Tuesday on the competition website.

“I still think it’s unbelievable,” Schrader said.

Since then, Schrader said, she’s been sending out thanks to family members, friends and neighbors for voting for her. She said the support she felt from the community and the thousands of votes she received was a gift itself.

Schrader had entered 30 different cupcake designs in the competition, but said “Bubble Trouble,” the third one she made, was her favorite and the entry she thought had the most chance of winning.

While she doesn’t have the money yet, Schrader said she and her family will use it to pay college tuition costs to Quinebaug Valley Community College for their eldest son, Alex, who will start this fall. She said they’ll also buy something for all of the children to enjoy, because they deserve a lot of the credit for inspiring and helping create the cupcakes.

“And, of course, they loved eating them,” Schrader said.

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